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Stay Hydrated with Electrolytes

It is essential for the survival of our bodies to have the necessary electrolytes. You can die with a lack of electrolytes. But what they and where can we get them?

Salts are important to our body’s survival and electrolytes are salt. Positive and negative electrical charges are contained in electrolytes. When they are dissolved in water, the water becomes electrically charged as well but slightly.

Your sweat is charged with those electrolytes. So, sweating makes you lose a lot of electrolytes. And when electrolytes are lost, then it is important that you replenish them. Replacing electrolytes ca be done by eating foods which are rich in them.

if you eat the foods mentioned below, then it is one great way of replenishing the lost electrolytes In a quick and easy way.

Dairy products can give your body electrolytes since calcium is an electrolyte. If you drink milk, you get electrolytes since milk if full of calcium and drinking a glass of milk contains up to 300 mg of calcium.

Potassium and sodium are electrolytes which can be found abundantly in coconut water. Drinking coconut water gives you a good amount of potassium and sodium; around 600 mg of potassium and 252 mg of sodium in a cup of coconut water. You can purchase coconut water from your grocery store or a small convenience store at your local gas station.

The potassium content of avocado is very high. You get around 975 g of potassium for every avocado you eat. You can eat avocado as guacamole, eat it with eggs in the morning, or simply eat a slice with a little salt. We find nature’s butter in avocado.

Bananas is another food rich in potassium. Around 422 mg of potassium is contained in a banana. What is great about bananas is that you can eat them by themselves or with almost anything. If you are thinking of a grab and go snack, then bananas are one. if you want to add a little extra protein and flavor to your banana, then eat it with peanut butter.
If you feel that you need electrolytes but don’t have access to these foods, you can also find electrolytes in sports drinks or other supplements.

One drink famous for having electrolytes is Gatorade. You will see many athletes drinking Gatorade during the games Powerdae, Scivation and Bodyarmore are some other brands of sports drinks that are popular today and which can supply your body the electrolytes that it needs.

You don’t need to overdo giving your body electrolytes. Your body can function with just enough electrolytes. IT should be a steady amount. This is especially true for people who sweat a lot or are very active.

Sweating makes you lose a lot of electrolytes and you need to replace it.

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