From the necessity of virtue

The enterprising American capitalists then realized that the laborer in the Barstool on wheels was a slightly better alternative than the laborer with his family on the hull of the truck or the old Fords. They felt the possibility to profit and solve the housing problem especially in places of seasonal work, or one-off job opportunities-for example, the construction of dams, large structures, the creation of new mafia towns (Las Vegas), the opening of new mines on Various raw materials and the like.
No caravan, but something more
Thus, so-called mobile homes, or Mobilheim, were created, as they are called not only in America, but in the entire developed Western world. It is not a caravan or a maringotka, it is basically a typical American wooden family building, which is not anchored on a solid foundation, but on a frame, equipped with axles and capable of moving from place to place.